Humanitarian law

This law is connected with the laws of war and the laws of customs of war and laws of armed conflict. The law is mandatory for the countries bound by the appropriate agreements. There are also some customary unrecorded rules of war, many of that were explored at the war trials. The modern International Humanitarian

Nonimmigrant Options for Registered Nurses

    Professional nurses may apply under either the TN (if they are Canadian citizens) or H-1B category. The requirements for TN and H-1B are briefly discussed below. However, it is recommended that readers also refer to the detailed general discussion section relating to the TN and H-1B categories. TN Status for Nurses Having Canadian Citizenship The most appropriate


Unemployment is not a problem across many industries in the U.S. In fact, the major media and technical journals speak of labor shortages. Particularly hard hit is the computer industry. Wages for college degreed computer engineers is staggering. The competition for qualified professional and technical workers is enormous.          U.S. immigration law responds to temporary labor


When both the parties to contract have completely performed their obligations, such contract is called an executed It means there is nothing left to perform by the concerned parties. EXAMPLE ‘A agrees to sell his car to ‘B’ for Rs 50,000r When ‘A’ delivers his car and ‘B’ pays the price, contract is sard to be executed

International Law Salaries

According to the international law there is a special rate of the salaries which are given to the employs and this thing is related to the government officers and this process is only of a department and known as the clerical or bank staff so there is another thing salary of the bank staffs and

Definition and Important Aspects of “Patent”

      A patent is a right to own, use, sell, license and protect those rights, which are granted to an inventor or his/her employer for the invention or discovery of any new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof. A Utility Patent