Humanitarian law

This law is connected with the laws of war and the laws of customs of war and laws of armed conflict. The law is mandatory for the countries bound by the appropriate agreements. There are also some customary unrecorded rules of war, many of that were explored at the war trials. The modern International Humanitarian law is created for two historical events; first the law of The Hague relate to the past. Second is the law of Geneva it massacre of the innocent people in the midst of armed conflict has a long and dark historical background.

So in the 1977 Additional Protocols concerning with the prevention of victims in both international and internal conflict not only incorporated aspects of the laws but also important human rights provisions.

There is important to state the important rules of the international humanitarian law first is a person and those not taking part in hostilities shall be saved and treated as the humans. Second is to prevent to kill or injure an enemy who surrenders. Third is wounded and sick will be cared for and saved by the party. Next is no one shall be subjected to torture, corporal punishment or cruel or degrading treatment.

Some examples are necessary to coded in this there are special examples of such rules include the protection on attacking the doctors displaying a Red Cross. It is also prohibited to fire at a person or vehicle bearing a white flag.

It is also very important for the law stating some violations and punishment relating to law. According to law during conflict, punishment for violating the laws of war limited violation of the laws of war. The humanitarian law is the special branch of the public international law that comprises the rules, which in time of armed conflict.

The humanitarian is often used in everyday language in a very broad sense, and with the protection of the individual, the two bodies of law apply to the different circumstances and posses to the different objects.

This law is a non-governmental and non-profit organization which is founded in1985, and hand over to the human rights and promoting the peaceful resolution of conflict by using establish the international human rights laws and humanitarian law. In the some long term objectives are to strengthen human rights stander ratified by nations.

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